Our Testimony to Mother Earth


Alma Mater is our Parcellar range.
Our Testimony to Mother Earth that we strive to commit to and to respect.

“Les Louves” is surrounded by a forest, gifting this parcel with a very unique micro climate. Those surroundings give “Les Louves” some delicate undergrowth notes on the nose, followed by an astonishing freshness in mouth. It is those unique features of the parcel that appealed to us, and that we strive to sublime through the nocturnal manual harvest. The parcel name “Les Louves”, conveying the image of unity and of group strength, matched perfectly with who we are. Fortunate coincidence? We would rather call it destiny.

L’Orangeraie originates from the wealth of our regional culture. In living memory, it has always been said that this parcel had such an exceptional exposure to the sun, that it would be perfect for an orange grove (Orangeraie). Conversely to ”Les Louves”, “L’Orangeraie” benefits from the light and heat of the sun. These characteristics are expressed in the roudness, finesse, and generosity of this cuvée.

It is a common saying that opposites complete each other, “Les Louves” and “L’Orangeraie” perfectly fit into this idea.

A question? Willing to taste?